What We Do


Our Goals Matter To Us!

The goals at All Abilities Fitness Center are to deliver inclusive fitness, sensory accessibility and social bonding for people with all variations of disabilities, without the apprehension and judgment that can be associated within a typical gym setting.


We Focus On ABILITY!

We strive to provide a safe, inclusive, accessible facility for those with varying disabilities to allow for achievable goal setting and social bonding. Each program will be individualized for various needs including physical conditioning, adapted workout equipment and programs, and sensory areas to enhance the ability to succeed with a devoted and compassionate staff. 


What Does a Class Look Like?

All of our movement classes are adapted to various needs. We LOVE to MOVE! We utilize trampolines, jump ropes, bands, medicine balls, and therapy balls; just to name a few! We LOVE to complete obstacle courses and offer a variety of "workout stations" throughout the evening. We MOVE! Don't worry if jumping or running is a concern, our dedicated and knowledgable staff are experts in accommodations. EVERYONE is INCLUDED! EVERYONE MOVES! Check out our videos below to see our classes in action!