Parent Testimonials

"All Abilities Fitness is a long time coming. To finally have the opportunity to have children begin on the road of health and well-being in an environment conscientious of their needs is, well simply, revolutionary.

Whether a child is living with Autism, has multiple disabilities, other health impairments, or you simply want to socialize them and/or introduce them to a physical activity and yoga in a more attentive environment, All Abilities Fitness is, perfect.

The fitness instructors are patient, experienced and astute, which is a complete benefit to the children, albeit need or affirmation. The fitness instructors work together so well as a team it appears almost instinctual. 

They simultaneously assess with each activity, which child, if any, needs; modification, assistance, or self confidence to successfully complete the activity.

In blended classes the instructors give any/all time, attention, individual adaptation to each child and then feedback to the parents/guardians.

The sessions are well rounded in activities and diversified so as to not have a child plateau in patterns or boredom.

We encourage you to have your child experience All Abilities Fitness, which may be the experience that changes their life!" -Christine & Thomas

"When I first heard about All Abilities Fitness Center, I thought the idea of it was so great, and so needed in our community, but I also thought that it just wouldn't work for my son.

 My son generally can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes. He requires a great deal of attention and constant redirection. Although I had these concerns, it's also important to us to have Gabe stay active and healthy so I reached out to Tara and talked to her about my concerns. She assured me that they would know how to keep Gabe engaged, but encouraged me to bring Gabe to a few classes just to see how things would go. 

This ended up being one of the best decisions we've ever made for Gabe. My husband and I could barely believe how well his class went - and how well they continue to go. He is exercising and having fun!! I think these classes are also helping him immensely with focus, following directions, and sleeping better at night. 

 Our family loves All Abilities Fitness Center, and we are so thankful that Tara has created this wonderful, accepting space with amazing staff members who genuinely care for our kids.  Seeing the smiles coming from my son and other students melts my heart and makes me so grateful that we have a place like All Abilities Fitness in our community." -Meggan & Jeremy

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What if my child has a meltdown during class?

Our instructors have years of experience handling many different behaviors. While we encourage participation, we understand that there may be a time when the environment can become difficult to handle. We do our best to redirect our members in a calm and reassuring manner. A quick cool down in our sensory area may be exactly what is needed! 

What if my child has difficulty with an exercise? What if they cannot jump or run?

Our instructors are experts at accommodations! We make sure that every exercise meets that "right challenge" for our members. If jumping or running is a problem, we will adapt the movement to encourage the ability to build strength but not force an unreasonable demand.

Do you take insurance?

All of our services are private pay at this time.

What if I don't want to come to a group class, do you offer a one-on-one session?

Yes! We understand that group classes may not be for everyone. We offer individual training by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation! 

What kind of experience do your instructors have?

Our instructors pride themselves on having many years of experience working with special needs children and adults. Many of them hold special certifications for personal training. All must be CPR and first aid certified, as well as maintain clear criminal background checks, child abuse clearances, and FBI fingerprint clearances to participate in sessions. Check out our "meet our instructors" tab to get to know our Lead and Head instructors! 

How do I register for my free class?

Registering is a simple process. Visit our "cost and registration" tab and click on register, or click the button below! After a few brief questions, your information will be submitted to one of our instructors! We will be in contact to schedule your first free class!

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