Class Schedule

Classes are offered during the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. One-on-one sessions are available by appointment only.  Members are welcome to attend as many classes as they feel comfortable participating in! Please see the full schedule below.

Class Schedule


Ages 6 and under

Our 6 and under age group runs 3 days per week at the following times:

Wednesday from 4:15-4:45

Thursday from 5:15-5:45pm

Saturday mornings from 10:15-10:45am. 

Although we do encourage our participants in this age group to participate in structured activity, there is no pressure. This class runs more of an open gym style, with all of our movement equipment available for use, including our trampolines, swing, sliding board, ball pit, giant crash pads, scooter boards, bowling pins, t-ball, basketball net, and mini roller coaster! On occasion, we get out our bouncy house, which is a huge favorite to many of our members!

Elementary age

Our elementary age group runs 4 days per week at the following times:

Tuesday from 5-5:45

Wednesday from 5-5:45

Thursday from 6-6:45pm

Saturday mornings from 11-11:45am.

We begin to add structure with our elementary age members. We begin each class by gathering on our mat with our group and planning out our activities. We will always begin with a stretch and warm up exercises and end with a game/free time and cool down. We encourage our class to be involved in making our schedule! We vary between obstacle courses and stations/circuit training. We run our "sensory path", utilize the boxing equipment, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machines, balance beams and balance circles, and much more!

Teen and young adult

Our teen and young adult class runs 4 days per week at the following times:

Tuesday from 6-6:45

Wednesday from 6-6:45

Thursday from 6-6:45

Saturday mornings from 11-11:45am. 

We continue to build in structure to our class routine. We all meet on the mat and create our schedule for the class. We always begin with a stretch and warm up exercises before we complete our work out! We do set up obstacle courses and complete stations/circuits that focus on strength training, balance, and endurance. Our teen and young adult class will always end with a game and a cool down. We can work AND have fun!

Sensory/cool down area/adaptations

We understand that from our youngest members to our oldest, some exercises may be overwhelming and difficult to complete. While we encourage participation, we focus on finding that "right challenge" to our classes. Sometimes a quick "break" in our sensory area is exactly what our members need before returning to class! We are a JUDGEMENT FREE center! 

Individual sessions


Individual sessions

Whether it be a preference to attend privately, or too overwhelming to participate in a group, we understand and provide the ability to come and receive individualized sessions. This can be done with one participant, with siblings, or even small groups. With our one-on-one training, we focus on individual goals and create a program that best fits those needs. If we have 2 or more participants, we will run our regular class structure. Individual sessions can be scheduled in 30 or 60 minute time frames. Please click on the "register" button and an instructor will reach out to you to discuss your current needs. Again, we are a JUDGEMENT FREE center and all of our staff have years of experience working with various levels of intellectual and physical disabilities.